KLE 81: Sophie’s Choice

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You may have seen the 1982 movie of the same name where the leading character, played by Meryl Streep, is faced with a terrible choice. Nobody should be faced with making the type of choice depicted in the movie, however, the term “Sophie’s Choice” has since moved into the modern lexicon to describe any very difficult choice.

The chances are, it’s not as simple as flipping a coin …

For example, in signing up for the $7 Million 7 Year Wealth System you may have been presented with a difficult choice:

Once you made the really hard decision to commit to this guided learning program, you may have been presented with the choice between a monthly payment or an or annual payment.

How you deal with choices like this – whether it was easy or difficult for you to make the decision – says a lot about how you will make the critical choices that you will inevitably be faced with as you move ahead on your journey.

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So, how did you decide which option to take? Did you flip a coin, take a guess, or apply some ‘secret’ formula?

But, more about formulas next time …

Task 1: Did you take the monthly fee or annual fee option when you joined the $7 Million 7 Year Wealth System? Why?

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Did you choose the monthly OR annual payment option when you signed up for the $7 Million 7 Year Wealth System?

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