KLE 83: Pulling Levers!

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What use is a ‘magic formula’?

Well, nothing and everything!

Nothing – if you don’t do anything with it, a formula is a meaningless, artificial construct.

Everything – if you actually use it to understand – then make – something concrete. In this case money; more specifically, your Number.

So, how do you use such a formula to help you reach your Number?


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We’ll look at some other ways of increasing your Capital in the next KLE.

In the meantime …

Task 1: Can you increase your Capital, quickly, by using any of these methods: Conservation, Reinvestment, or Concentration? If so, which ones will you employ (and, why)? How much additional Capital do you think you can raise to help fuel your primary Growth Engine for reaching your Number?

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Which of these methods do you think you could employ to build your Capital in the next 3 to 6 months? Conservation, Reinvestment, and/or Concentration?
How much additional capital do you think you could raise by these methods?

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