KLE 90: The Power Of Leverage

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Read personal finance books and you’ll come to believe that the secret of wealth is in the so-called ‘power of leverage’.

And, they are right!

But, only partly …

You see, leverage is usually equated to financial leverage, the kind of leverage that lets you purchase a $100,000 house with $5,000 down. But, there’s so much more to leverage than mere money!

The kinds of leverage that you need to apply in order to maximize the sheer wealth-building force of the $7 Million Dollar Formula includes:

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Now, that’s the true power of leverage!

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@ Flexi – Nice formula! Typically, people talk about using OPT (employees) and OPM (partners and bankers) to find the path to wealth.

But, if you want to move your Annual Compound Growth Rate from, say, 0% to 10% (typical business) to 50%+ (7m7y business), then OPK (which can include systems, both hard and soft) is the one that will swing it. It’s not hard to prove by running a few numbers …

And, you can throw all the OPM/OPT you like at your stock portfolio and you’ll end up with zilch unless you apply OPK.

(BTW: your OWN knowledge almost always starts out as OPK (this is called ‘education’) unless you’re Einstein, and the K you are after = MC2 😉