KLE 107 – Anatomy of a Commercial RE Investment – Part III

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In the last KLE, I shared some true ‘back of an envelope’ numbers that I used to (almost) purchase a $2.7 million office/warehouse. The only thing that held me back was that the owners were having second-thoughts about selling.

If I’m willing to make a $2.7 mill. purchase using this simple analysis (KLE106), then surely you should be prepared to make at least small purchases to begin with, using the same method?

The last KLE gave you the numbers, and today’s will explain the ‘deal’:

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So, by all measures, this is a great deal … some common sense and some simple number-crunching tells me that, no ‘cap rates’, ‘proforma’s, or any other complex financial manipulations necessary.

Next step: go out and buy some real-estate!

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