Meet Jill!

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Meet Jill!

Everyone I know dreams of winning the lottery.

I would rather make the money myself instead of waiting for a random shot of luck. 

I do not want to be working my fingers to the bone when I am 72 years old.  Instead, I want to retire early and enjoy life.  My goal is to become financially stable to retire at age 50. 

I believe that I can accomplish anything when I put my time and energy into it.  The money is out there for anyone. 

It is all about perseverance and believing in yourself.


What is 7 Millionaires … In Training! all About?!

Recently, I sent out a Casting Call (you still have time to apply!) for what I call my “Grand Experiment” … a real attempt to create 7 Millionaires in just 7 Years!

My desire is to ‘prove’ that my methods for real wealth are replicable (you can read about them on my blog: How to Make $7 Million in 7 Years) – naturally, not by everybody, but by anybody with a dream, a desire, a will, and a way. If you supply the first three, I will help light the way …

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