Meet Heidi!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: To kick off the final stages of the selection process, AJC is going LIVE!!!

That’s right, starting Thursday, May 29 @ 8pm CST 7million7years is coming to a web-cam near you! All you need to participate is a PC with sound and broadband connection – AJC has the web-cam!!

Click here for more details: be a ton of fun!

Now, for today’s Featured Applicant …

Meet Heidi!

Let’s see — I’m a female IT Manager in a male IT world, so I guess it’s time for me to break into that other male-dominated world — FINANCE! 

Get ready guys, the diamonds are the first to go!

/end feminist rant

So I should be one of your 7 millionaires in 7 years simply because this:  I can do it.  And don’t be fooled by the clueless expression in the avatar.  It’s for show only.

[AJC: Go Heidi … feminists – and all other women – Rule!] 🙂


What is 7 Millionaires … In Training! all About?!

Recently, I sent out a Casting Call (you still have time to apply!) for what I call my “Grand Experiment” … a real attempt to create 7 Millionaires in just 7 Years!

My desire is to ‘prove’ that my methods for real wealth are replicable (you can read about them on my blog: How to Make $7 Million in 7 Years) – naturally, not by everybody, but by anybody with a dream, a desire, a will, and a way. If you supply the first three, I will help light the way …

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Reader Comments

As a colleague of Heidi’s for the last nearly 3 years, she has shown herself to be a motivated, hard-charging, dedicated employee and would be perfect as one of your 7 applicants. She’s definetely going places, and I’m hoping to see her featured here as one of your millionares in the making! I beleive you would be great for the program. Good Luck!!!

I don’t know Heidi but I know her husband Allen, who is a very special person and has created some amazing things. It’s hard to imagine anything but greatness from this family.

Good luck, Heidi!

I’ll be a male cheerleader in a female cheerleader world.

GOoooooooo Heidi! If anyone can do it, it’s you!

Ha! Thanks everybody!

Good luck building your empire, Heidi.

GOOD LUCK HEIDI. Shes my sister and shes REALLY SMART…I cant say it any better than that!

Heidi is a strong and intelligent woman that has accomplished so many great things so far in her life. She is an outstanding and dedicated leader, a loving mother and wife, and a genuine caring friend. She would be the absolute best candidate and would excel with every challenge she is given.

Wishing you 7 years good luck – sounds like you’re the sort of person to make their own tho’. Go for it!!

Heidi is a truly wonderful and special woman! Always smiling, her professionalism and dedication genuinely touches everyone she comes in contact with. She’s a devoted and loving wife and mother and a totally awesome friend. I wish her the best of luck in her journey. I’m sure she’ll succeed for she always gives 150% towards whatever challenges she’s faced with. There’s no more deserving person than Heidi!! You go girl!!!