Meet Mark!

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Meet Mark!

Mark’s original picture had sunglasses – and, I must admit, looked quite cool!

Here’s what Mark had to say: ” Why 3 fingers in the picture? As mentioned in my application, I’m trying to create a “Best 3 Years” program in terms of starting and growing businesses, investments, personal finance and having fun while doing it. I was looking at spending 2-3 years part-time to engage in a MBA program but opt to start  a business instead.”

After some discussion, Mark agreed to ‘remove’ his sunglasses … I want you to see then realize that ALL of the 7MITs are REAL PEOPLE and that you CAN do the same, whether you become one of the 7MITs or not … PLEASE follow along and let’s see if we can make 700 Millionaires in 7 years!

I’m passionate about finding innovative ways to contribute to the society and make lots of money at the same time.

I do read quite a bit and have interacted with people from all walks of life that do offer really good experiences and advice.

I want to document all that I’ve learn via a blog and create a time bound program (3 years) or a blueprint that readers can emulate or follow and be successful.

The plan is to build different businesses that are successful every 3 years and have fun doing it!

[AJC: Will I be following Mark’s lead and removing my hat and sunglasses? Not for now, but sooner that you may think … subscribe to my blog 7Million7years as I am planning a cool new feature that may require a clean faced AJC – actually, Adrian John Cartwood – soon … stay posted!]


What is 7 Millionaires … In Training! all About?!

Recently, I sent out a Casting Call (you still have time to apply!) for what I call my “Grand Experiment” … a real attempt to create 7 Millionaires in just 7 Years!

My desire is to ‘prove’ that my methods for real wealth are replicable (you can read about them on my blog: How to Make $7 Million in 7 Years) – naturally, not by everybody, but by anybody with a dream, a desire, a will, and a way. If you supply the first three, I will help light the way …

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Reader Comments

Thanks Adrian for featuring me this week! I was on a raft at the New River in West Virginia when this was posted. I want to emphasize that it is important to have fun while working towards an important goal like being a successful applicant here! What’s the use of accumulating a lot of money and not using it to help others and ourselves? 🙂

@ Mark – carrying your laptop on a raft, huh? But, your last line sums up the purpose of this whole 7 Millionaires … In Training ‘experiment’! Thanks.

Mark, You have definitely got the right attitude about making your life be an adventure full of personal successes! And now, reading you were on the New River in WV – this is where my OSU MBA class took me (another MBA in my class started it this year, being from WV) and it is a great team-building event. Wishing you luck in becoming one of the Magnificent 7!

Yes Diane. I’m a happy person 🙂 Good luck to you too!

Hey that sound’s kinda cool, well done. It seems you have a great idea with not only focusing on financial stability but also promote a work life balance. It must be a passionate and fulfilling moment. Use these opportunity to embrace your talent and goal. Wish you all the best.

uhhh this is really cool ^_^

good luck

Good Luck

Good Luck!

Good luck mate…!!!

This is cool, Mark. Good luck!

I’m rooting for you. You have a sound and healthy perspective about success. We need more millionaires like you!

Glad to see you are on the up and up. That was such an awesome rafting trip that I was blinded by it’s awesomeness. Too bad you weren’t on the “Never Have I Ever” circle when No. 2 hit the fan that Sat night…..

Hey Mark, having both fun and wealth is the way to go…all the best!!!

Mark is a diamond in the rough. It’s time to stop playing support to good causes at his company and in the community (I met Mark when he was in North Carolina) and to set him in the center of a flashy ring. He’s got the smarts, he’s got the drive, and he’s got the freedom.

Good Luck, Mark. I Hope you make it.

A social conscience and be rich at the same time eh? Wow cool stuff.

How exciting-Best of luck!

Good luck, Mark!

Best of luck, Mark!

Way to go, Mark ! Always think you have a fighting spirit. God bless you in whats ahead. Tip of the day, read up forex trading.


Best of luck, I shall be watching your progress

Thanks for all the support! It amazes me how many great supportive friends I have 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe to the main pages. This is for everyone who wants to learn to be better financially:

All the best Mark!!!

How exciting! Have fun while you’re at it :).

Wow, you floored me, Mark. I never imagined one of us cousins would find his or her way into such a unique endeavour. This is really cool. And it smacks of great opportunity and also lots of fun. You’ll do well, I know it. Here’s to your success and having fun doing it.

Mark, we always knew you were destined for greatness! All the best and know that the entire UNL crew will be rooting for you all the way! p/s : I’m glad the statistics curve skewing led to something good! 😉

Yeah Good Luck Mark. All the best dude

Best wishes and hope that you will make it to be one of the 7.

Excellent, Mark! Super7, indeed. Congratulations!!