Meet Jordan!

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Meet Jordan!

Like the other 30 semi-finalists, Jordan’s stuck with the program through a fairly long preliminary process … but the Main Game is set to begin this Thursday for the Final 15 (to be announced LIVE on AJC Feed @ 8pm CST / 9pm / EST).

In fact, I’ve had to extend the selection process this far out because all the finalists look so damn good on paper, I am truly having trouble assessing who is going to stick with the program for the duration (that’s 7 long, gruelling, astounding – I hope! – years).

I’m surprised that with all the wax on / wax off ‘Roadblocks With A Purpose’ that I have put in your way that only three people have voluntarily pulled out so far:

1. One didn’t want to take off their sunglasses … ooops, gotta go!

2. One spoke to an ‘expert’ (a.k.a. their brother) on millionaires, blogging, and affiliate programs and decided that 7 Millionaires … In Training! just had to be a scam … ooops, another one bites the dust!

3. And, the last one suddenly decided that this is a Reality Show and didn’t want any part of it … nice idea, any TV producers around (?!) …

… but, sorry: as the ‘promo’ says: “no scams, no schemes … just good ol’ fashioned free advice”.

So, now I am hoping that at least 13 more of you feel the same way and don’t bother submitting the itty-bitty little 400 – 600 words that I asked for yesterday … PLEASE … make my job at least little easier 😉

But, if you are serious, get to ityou only have until Wednesday Midnight CST. Good Luck!

In the meantime, let’s meet Jordan …

I’m a budding real estate investor looking for a skilled mentor.

Passive income from real estate and developing online services will hopefully help me become financially free. I have no debt, three rental properties and a strict budget.

The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind says it’s all in your head, which is true, but as my professor said “If you want to live like nobody else can, you have to work like nobody else will”.

Maybe we can help people find what they need to make the leap and find financial freedom for themselves and their families.

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