Luis asks …

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Luis asks …

Everyone wants to succeed, but some candidates will require additional training, mentoring, guidance, explanation etc. To what extent will your experiment slow down, speed up, adjust to make sure that all participates are on the same wave length? What is your level of flexibility?

I don’t know … honestly.

When I set up this ‘grand experiment’ I had one thought and one thought only: that there is a system to getting rich(er) quick(er0 – as opposed to all of those one-trick “I made millions [insert wealth-creation ‘secret’ of choice: betting on the doggies; building vacation resorts in the Bahamas; throwing darts at the stock-market dartboard; etc.]”.

I had no idea – and, still don’t – how I will actually ‘make’ it happen … I guess it will be a combination of exercises and things that we are doing at the moment and a lot of question/answer stuff.

But, it will be – of necessity – flexible as you will all be at different stages, with different dreams, and different abilities.

Whatever it will be, we are all about to find out!

Not being shy, Luis asks another question:

Secondly, I’ve developed a certain amount of fan fare within my own home at this experiment rolls along. But I never hear you address the questions that arise within a marriage about money. I am trying to get my wife on the same page because it will increase my chances of actually achieving my Modest\Soon goal. For example, my wife is just beginning to work on here “Life Purpose” which is about 4-6 weeks behind. What would tell those who want to succeed, yet do it with their significant other?

Hmmm … a great question.

For a start, from personal experience, I can tell you that you cannot do it without your significant other! This is a journey that you are taking – like it or lump it – together.

While your wife seems to see the benefit of following the same exercise/s as you (won’t it be interesting if her Number is more than yours?), mine took on a role that we like to call ‘Business Enabler’ … she did everything that I couldn’t do, so that I could pursue my – our – financial dreams:

1. She worked so that I could keep reinvesting our income.

2. She took care of the kids and house – while still working (SuperMom!) – so that I could work ridiculous hours and travel the world at least every month.

3. She took care of (still does) all the household accounts and finances.

4. She supported me, with little to no support in return.

It’s a hard road for you … twice as hard for your spouse, because while you are ‘doing it’ to achieve your  grand Life’s Purpose … your partner is usually doing it just for you …

… think about that.

And, good luck to all of the Final 15, because shortly we will be announcing the 7 Millionaires … In Training!

Once we do, there will be no turning back … for any of us!

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Reader Comments

When I first signed up for this, I didn’t even tell my husband until later in the game – I thought he would laugh at me – but when I told him, he was SO excited 🙂 I think I would feel most comfortable getting to the point where his income could completely support us, and my income can be put to work with us – then I will feel safe that if something bad happens, we’ll be ok – which sounds a lot like what you did Adrian….basically my husband is Mr. Steady Eddie – no risks, family-provider guy – steady paycheck, benefits, etc. We kinda of have a deal – he’ll provide the stability, and I’ll do my best to get us to the point where he can retire much sooner than later 😉 So he’ll be my “business enabler”

@ Deanna – I guess that makes my wife Steady Addie? 🙂

hee hee, guess so!

* is she really named Addie? If so, that’s perfect. 🙂 My husband is actually Eric…but steady Eric doesn’t really have the same ring to it, does it?

@Deanna – I too was a little nervous telling my spouse, but in the end. She’s en tuned to the concept and might end up with a bigger goal… I might end up being the “business – enabler” hahaha! But I guess that’s the part where the ability to adapt will kick in.