Golden Key Defined

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Our very first ‘new look’ post is from Lee ….


Golden Key Defined

Several years ago I came across a pamphlet written by Dr. Emmit Fox entitled “The Golden Key”.  In it he said ask yourself these questions: “Would I rather keep a problem, or be free?”  “Am I willing to try something new?”  Am I willing to accept a different, better result”?

For several years I have had a problem called lack of wealth, living pay check to pay check.  Last year I retired and now I really have a lack of wealth. 🙂  I want to be free of that problem and I’m willing and ready to accept a different, better result.  The Golden Key can provide access to those different, better results.

I have come across that “Golden Key” when I was accepted as a finalist in the Grand Experiment and somewhere within the Millionaires in Training lies directions in which way to turn that key.

Keep watching this blog as we participants discover in our own way how to make the “Golden Key” work.

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Your personal story is really a great one Lee. I’m sure you will be inspiring many others!

I”m rooting for you 🙂

a0z0ra thanks but be sure to root for all of us, this isn’t a contest 🙂 I’m sure that we’ll all be helping one another.