Building Your "Lee's List" …

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Building Your “Lee’s List” …

You may be a believer in the concept of Your Life’s Purpose, or you may feel that it is total bunkum …

… all I know is that it worked beyond all expectations for me, yet I have little belief in goal-setting, self-actualization, visualization, etc.

Surprising admission, huh?

Particularly since I have focused so much personal and group energy on what amounts to a goal-setting exercise.

In fact, I only started this exercise for myself way back in 1998 because I was desperate, and it was simply Step 1 of a business improvement program that I subscribed to. So, I dutifully completed the exercises, while waiting for the ‘meaty stuff’ to begin … and, lo and behold, $30k in debt to $7 million in the bank just 7 years later!

And, I can trace my ensuing business decisions directly back to that simple exercise!

Because it did work for me, I have felt compelled to share the methodology with you.

The good news is that whether you have tried to complete the exercises or you have not bothered, here is a really practical step for you to get started on, because calculating Your Number (and, Your Date) is absolutely critical to everything that we will be doing from here on in.

Your Number is so important that books have been written about it, yet none tell you how to calculate it as clearly and succinctly as the exercises that we will be completing over the next couple of weeks.

So, let’s move on to the next step that everybody can (and should) do for themselves:

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Reader Comments

Building this list is actually a lot of fun, but i’m finding that it is quite challenging to a degree because I never really put down the specifics of exactly what I NEED to do to fulfill my life’s purpose. It’s coming together though 😉

(p.s. If 47 million wasn’t a typo, you did better in 7 years than I previously thought Adrian, lol.)

@ Scott – In the absence of sending me another $30-odd Mill. thanks for correcting the typo …

I think that the list that Lee shared with us is a useful innovation … one that I hope EVERYBODY (7MIT or casual reader) is having fun with: it’s easy in principle, but requires some thinking …

AJC – As part of my “list” I mentioned cars and vacations. Part of the mode of transportation I desire is by car and a stress reliever is vacations. Therefore couldn’t they be included in the “minimum” part of the list?

@ Lee – It’s YOUR list, so YOU tell me!? 😛

But, to me, it doesn’t really matter if you do/don’t include, because you already know where this is headed (i.e. we WILL include those ‘things’ in the next step):

However, why I liked your ‘list’ concept so much is that it allows you to turn your Life’s Purpose / Rear Deck Speech into concrete, without focusing on the ordinary stuff that ordinary folk seem to obsess on …

… in / out, it matters not – as long as what’s IN also includes what’s IMPORTANT to you!

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