A final word on your Life's Purpose …

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A final word on your Life’s Purpose …



AJC has just published his first article on US News magazine’s ‘alpha consumer’ web-site. It’s all about what US News calls Recession 2.0 … check out the article here then PLEASE leave a comment on the US News site!!!


I know, I know … we’re done with this!

We’ve (almost) finished with our Number … and, we’re about to start on the actual Let’s-Make-An-Embarrassing-Amount-Of-Money Journey together …

… so, why are we talking about our Life’s Purpose – again?!

Well, three reasons, actually four:

1. There are some who are still struggling with this concept (and/or think it’s just plain stupid), and

2. There are some who have just come to this blog and are wondering what it’s all about, and

3. I have a [circle one: great, crazy, halleluja, what-the, kick-ass …] idea for a social network where we can ALL – not just the 7 Millionaires In Training – share our Life’s Purpose and/or Numbers in a meaningful/dynamic way, that I am researching [what do you think?], and

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Also, please let me know what you think of my social network idea and whether it should just be around your Life’s Purpose, Your Number, or both?

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Reader Comments

Great exercise. Simply, but very effective!

OH! How weird is this, AJC! I was doing research earlier this week on self development issues for articles I’m writing for a client, and I too just came across Steve Pavlina’s blog post and marveled at his technique!

It reminds me of something we did in Australia at an internet marketing event. We were trying to uncover subconscious blockages we have towards earning money. We came up with a number that we wanted to earn in passive income, and then had to write it over and over on a piece of paper, without thinking about it. By the time the timer went off, almost everyone in the room had gone from statements like “I can’t make $10,000 a month in passive income” to “I want to make $10,000 a month in passive income” to “I AM MAKING $10,000 a month in passive income”. There was very little set-up to it, and I am still amazed at how it sort of evolved. Similar to Pavlina’s idea that your life’s purpose will eventually just come out on paper if you stick at it long enough.

Thanks for the “Number & Date” exercise it’s been really intereting. Also thank you “very much” for the link to http://www.steepaviln.com it was most interestng. I especially liked the page on “How to make money from your blog” (http;//www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2006/05/how-to-make-money-from-your-blog/)

Regarding the social networking Idea? Of course I like it, when in school I read a book entitled “Man, the Social Animal” and have understood ever since then that we thrive on relationsips that we develop. So I am always interested in any kind of “netwoking ideas” eventhough I don’t consider myself very good at them.

@ Scott – Thanks; what do you think of the ‘social networking idea’ centered around your Number? I guess we’re already doing a bit of it here, but as Jeff says, it’s a bit of an ‘old boys club’ [although, I sincerely HOPE this site is already much more than that!] … so, a separate site just for that purpose might be neat … IF people use it?!

@ Debbie – call me cynical, but the ‘problem’ that I see with those exercises is: if they really work, why don’t we just running on until we write ““I AM MAKING $1 MILLION a month in passive income AND have eradicated global-warming, world hunger, disease, wars, and … ” 😉 But, I AM adding Steve’s method to our list of techniques to use to help discover our Life’s Purpose and the associated Number/Date.

@ Lee – Your vote is in! Thanks for the links; Steve Pavlina is a long-time favorite blogger …

how about two sites, one focusing on your life’s purpose and the other on your number. I would structure it this way because I think the life’s purpose SocNet would appeal to a large number of people and the number SocNet would appeal to a different set of people, and putting them together would limit the people interested.

@ Josh – Nice idea … and I think you’re right. Although, I’ll probably start with one site for the audience that we currently have (as well as those in the rest of the personal finance blogosphere). But, if the Life’s Purpose bit proves popular, who knows … ?

@AJC I didn’t state whether I thought the exercises WORKED (I’d be making $10,000 a month passively today if it did, right?) but I do think they work to change your mindset, and the ability to accept things you wouldn’t have necessarily accepted before.

@ Debbie – I agree; otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing similar exercises here 😉

BUT, we will be using the outcome of these exercises to set a goal and then work towards it … it’s the concrete steps that we take over the next 7 years that will determine the outcome. Although, without the goal, who knows what would happen … ?

I think we are definitely doing a little social networking here around our number already in a since.

I do agree that exercises like Steve says, to write down what you want in an “affirmation” form such as “I’m making 10,000.00 per month in passive income” works, but not for some kind of goofie or magical reason. Rather it clears the garbage out of your mind(the negative, fearful, cynical and pessimistic self talk that most people have as a self-limiting bubble,and don’t realize they are doing it) and makes you focus on the goal, the task at hand and then you begin to operate and take action in everything you do in a manner that can take you towards the goal and accomplish it. But you have to start from a place in your mind that BELIEVES it’s possible.
I think writing all you goals down works for this reason, not magic.

I’m with Josh in this – the two sites will appeal to different people and those who cross both are ready to cross into this new arena.

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
“Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain
Mark Victor Hansen – not sure which book (he was also one of the co-authors of the Chicken Soup series)
et cetera.

I’m all for clearing the gunk out of my engine…:)

Seeing is believing – but in this sense I am speaking about how if we visualize something (see it in our mind), then we believe it. Alabama couldn’t beat LSU today if they didn’t believe they could do it. If you can see yourself doing something, eventually you will have gone thru all the dress rehearsals (good reason not to visualize any ANY of the negative possibilities, even while accounting for them as necessary). Mark Victor Hansen was the one who said to write all your goals down (ALL of them) in a notebook with as much detail as possible, then set it aside for a year and see then what you managed to accomplish (without even thinking about it). It has to do with accessing and using the power of your sub-conscious I believe.

Mark, Ryan – what are your thoughts on this?

@ All – Thanks for the feedback on the ‘sharing your number’ site … I will be making an announcement on this very soon.