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I understand the first line of Diane’s post, but I am intrigued by the title (not the mention, the XXXXXXX’s) …

Diane laid out her table for her earn/spend/ability/do really neatly … it’s easy to see where the commonalities lie (e.g. writing) … I hope that this helps you, and in return you might help Diane. Go ahead … your opinions will be appreciated.


Not so EASY- to-DO, Adrian has given us a task to list past/current and future ways to Earn (money), Spend (money), our Abilities (now and wanna-haves) and things we like to DO.

Here’s a peek at mine:

How do you make $ or want to make money, past/present/future?(e.g., teacher) How do I spend $ or want to spend $ ? (e.g., clothing) What are you good at?What do you wish you were good at?What sparks your creative juices? What do you enjoy? (e.g., writing) What are your hobbies or qualifications/jobs?  What would you want to do, even for free?(e.g., wood-working)
1 Analyst Salon Quilting/sewing Quilting
2 Teacher Travel Yoga/inner strength Reading
3 Writer Books Zumba/dance Writing
4 Coach Food Losing weight Zumba/Yoga
5 Mentor Clothing Analyzing Interior Design
6 Consultant Boys Writing/sharing Gardening
7 Music Cooking XXXXXXX
8 Gardening International Travel
9 XXXXXXX Drink Wine
10 Gourmand (eating)

I left off things I can do to earn money that are not the ways I want to earn money – I think that is what he wanted us to do, but am not really clear on that.  If I added that in, I could put operation analysis, budget/cost analysis, learning, life guard, inventory manager, waitress, sales, marketing analyst (from a large manufacturing company to a smaller resale wholesaler).  I think some of those are going to get absorbed in the analysis, so Analyst covers them all in my book.

Anyway, from the list above, Adrian described how we were to assess the entries by determining how many columns something fit into: 4, 3, or 2.   It didn’t have to be identical, but related.

Here’s that list for me:

All 4 columns:  Nothing.  Nada.  Nope.

3 of the 4 columns:

  • Writer/writing/sharing
  • Food/Losing Weight/Cooking/Drinking Wine/ Gourmand (Eating)

2 of the 4 columns:

  • Yoga/Zumba/Dance
  • Travel/International Travel
  • Gardening
  • Analyst/Analyzing
  • Books/Reading
  • Quilting/Sewing/Interior Design

So what are we seeing here?

Are there any patterns?

More importantly, can we see a way that this could be developed into one of those things where not only do we love what we do, we get paid a lot for it?

I have several ideas, including one from many years ago.  But let me hear yours – try to think BIG, then outside the box, then BIGGER, then let me know what the target audience would be and whether or not you see a way to sell this (profit from it)….if you’re dreaming along with me…I’m working on that last one.

Post your comments with any and everything you think of  – let’s brainstorm it! – Your ideas can well feed someone else’s.

In my next posts, I’ll give some of the ideas I’ve come up with, then flesh out a few of them and some of yours, too, to get some more feedback.  Ready to give it a try?

What’s the first thing you thought of?

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Reader Comments

@ Diane – I see cookbooks in your future … maybe a TV show as well?

Great post Diane. Very clever set up indeed!

@Diane, based on the areas you see across more than one column, maybe you could develop a product for restaurant owners that helps them grow their business or improve something. Maybe how the interior decoration of a restaurant influences what people buy to eat 🙂 I dunno about the exact details but I would say become a consultant to restaurants or food related industries to help them market and grow – however that would require constant working in order to earn a living and that’s just not a good idea! So my thought was if you created some type of product, a manual, cd’s, checklists using your writing, analyzing, cooking, (etc) abilities, (or create the content and have someone turn it into a computer training course or something??) you can make it once and profit over and over again.

Hi everyone – In view of Adrian’s thought expressed long ago that I would need a “big” business to meet the compounded growth for my 8M5Y plan, I’ve posted some thoughts on Share Your Number regarding small business (http://shareyournumber.ning.com/profiles/blogs/in-praise-of-small-business) and it raises the question of what business a person is in, and how that can change according to where you are in the hierarchy.

As I struggle with the list above, several ideas have popped up, including publishing a magazine set in a location where I’d want to travel. I’ve thought also of opening a book shop there, and living as an ex-pat. Combine that with travel, add classes that grow to become an ashram or similar environment, and I can see a sort of synergy.

I also went down the food path and even sketched out an online group – one free and one similar to Adrian’s cadre (smaller), but as a subscription – that would help others “wallow down the path to healthiness” – maybe by teaching how to make it easier to cook really good food, yet watch your health, including your numbers (BP, Chol, etc). I’d also want to include links to other sites – pay sites – that might better serve folks who come thru. I guess that sounds like the “progressive” (insurance company) method of service – help people find what works best for them and their particular circumstances.

I have been posting more of these lately – my last one was on how to make a quick hollandaise sauce – which is strictly “OP” or “On Program” for low-carb dieters – in the microwave in less than 5 minutes. Serves one, but can be made for 2, 3, or 5…. so useful for anyone that wants to jazz up boring food, as well as for someone in a hurry, or a single person who doesn’t want to make something for 4. Oftentimes someone in a household dieting is eating food prepared for one.

Still trying to put a handle on it. While Adrian thinks TV, I think YouTube. I mean, how does one become the next Emeril or Rachel Ray? I think there is a lot of hard work, but then someone else has to discover your talents and help you “flip” over to the big time like that.

Thoughts? (Where is everyone? that’s one of mine…)

@ Diane – “Zumba Food” … not sure how big the Zumba fad is, will be, or how long it will last, but if YOU believe it has real long-term traction, then you could contact the zumba guys and see if you can put out a line of food recipes (then the foods themselves) … a tough one to swing, but could pay off big …

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@Diane – Great ideas! Maybe having a cooking class locally to start with and then expand it to blogs, you tube and other media forms. In our area, you can start with Wake Tech. I’ve seen them offering cooking lessons before.