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Man Speak Few Words Carry Big Debt. How?

… I don’t know, you tell me? 🙂


Well let’s see I’ve been around a long time and I have spent gobs of money, got into too much trouble too many times but finally I’m where I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel.  Along with my mortgage and car loanI have a student loan of approximately $ 20,000 that is growing monthly due to my not paying anything on it 🙁  and I have always struggled with my taxes.  Being self employed you must make sure you pay up and I usually wait until he end of the year and then it’s too much to do at once. “Lesson Learned”? Pay you taxes when they are due.

Anyway ‘bottom line’ Liability figure is approximately $109,000.

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Reader Comments

Lee, what is the long term plan for the student loan?

John – I have no “plan”. I just pay on it when I can.

@ Lee – What are the interest rates on the home, car, and student loans [ ]? When do you have to pay them back in full?