Can You Find Your Number on Craigslist?

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Can You Find Your Number on Craigslist?

As I prepare for my entry in to MM201, I’m finding that my game plan is changing.  My original play book was aimed at achieving an annual compound growth rate of 38%.  However, in my previous post, I noted that recent increases in my net worth have reduced that requirement to just under 30% (29.28% to be exact).

That’s great for a couple of reasons

  1. My number (10 Million by 1/1/19) just became more achievable.
  2. I can take a step down on the risk ladder and still have a reasonable shot at achieving my goal.

As Adrian pointed out in a post over at about Masterson’s Table

  1. Real Estate and Stocks can produce an annual compound growth rate of 30%
  2. Real Estate, Stocks and a small business can get you to 45% annually.

When I needed 38%, I was planning to take aim at the 45% growth engine to ensure I hit my goal  Higher returns tend to require greater risk and I was going to assume some to get where I wanted to go.  That extra risk is not necessary right now, so I’m going to put my business plans on hold and focus on REI and individual stocks.

In an attempt to jump start my progress (and to have a little fun) I placed two ads on Craigslist.  Who knows, maybe I’ll find my Number on Craigslist.

Wanted: Value Stocks for Long Term Investment

Seeking Value Stocks for investment opportunities in companies that possess consumer monopolies and a demonstrated history of strong financials.  Each company’s leadership must be passionate about the enterprise, care about its employees, provide value to it’s customers and keep the best interest of shareholders in mind.  Serious recommendations only, new risky start ups need not apply.

Wanted: Good Real Estate Cheap!

Seeking Good Real Estate Cheap.  Must be move in ready in good school districts.  Must be worthy of high quality tenants who want to fork over loads of cash in exchange for a roof over their head.  Commercial real estate offerings will be considered on a case by case basis, but must come with tenants already in place.

I’m relieved that my growth rate doesn’t force me to own a business right now to continue making scheduled progress toward my number.   As much as I want to start my own business, I suffer from two hold backs.  The first is I am not in a position to devote the time necessary to pursue any business plans because of my military commitment.  The second is that like Ryan, I’m struggling with settling on “The Big Idea.”

It’s not that I don’t want to lead my own company…quite the contrary.  I really do.  My life’s purpose is to “Lead and Develop Leaders.”  Owning, running, and leading my own business would pack a double punch.  Progress toward the number and an early fulfillment of my life’s purpose.

I’m fortunate that  in the military, I have a job that requires me to Lead and Develop Leaders…and I’m getting paid to do it at the same time.

To this point in our experiment we’ve been saying that we need to achieve our number so that we can retire and start living our life’s purpose.

I’m finding myself in a unique situation where I’m nowhere near my number, yet I’m fulfilling and living my life’s purpose already.

Does anyone see a problem with this?  I do.

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