KLE 75: These Will Make You Wealthy

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The last KLE covered a lot of ground; in fact, it could easily have been split into three separate KLE’s, but I need to get past the basics quickly, as we still have a lot of ground to cover.

And, by the time you have used the information that you learned in Modules 2 (Making Money 101) to build a decent-sized investment account (be it in cash or in an Index Fund), I want you to have learned what you need to learn about your required Growth Engine (KLE68) to jump in as quickly as possible … because, from now on, time really is money.

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Task 1: Are you going to go the Business route (be it actively trading stocks and options or starting / buying a business) in order to reach your Number? Is that to be your primary Growth Engine? If so, what kinds of Business are you most likely to choose (actively trading stocks, options, starting a business, buying a business, other …)?

Task 2: You have a LOT of ground to cover very quickly; find some suitable learning resources that you have read or will read (HINT: Google + the forums on this site are a great place to start) and start learning today … tomorrow will be too late!

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Which Businesses (if any) will you choose (actively trading stocks, options, starting a business, buying a business, other ...)? Why?
Locate and list some suitable Business resources (e.g. books/courses/blogs/etc.) that you WILL use (or, have used) to learn all there is to know about the Business Growth Vehicle that you have chosen:

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