KLE 74: These Might Make You Wealthy

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Since the Growth Engines in the ‘saving’ category won’t produce a large enough Annual Compound Growth Rate to get you to your Number quickly enough, what should you invest in?

Well, the investments that I am about to share with you do not make most people wealthy … but, you are not “most people”, and I am about to share with you the secrets that many (but not “most”) people have used to become wealthy – often obscenely so – in any and all of these investments:

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Task 1: Are you going to Invest in order to reach your Number? Is that to be your primary Growth Engine? If so, what kinds of Investments are you most likely to choose (Stocks, Real-Estate, Franchises, other …)?

Task 2: We have covered a lot of ground today, so now is a good time to go back and re-read the section of this KLE that discusses the investment type that you are most interested in.

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Which Investments (if any) will you choose (Stocks, Real-Estate, Franchises, other ...)? Why?

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