KLE 95: The Only Way To Invest In Stocks

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Eliminating pure trading-driven stock strategies (such as options and derivatives trading, FOREX, and commodities trading), which are business activities for the purposes of the $7 Million 7 Year Wealth System, that left you with just two ways to invest in stocks (KLE92).

And, one of those two methods has even been promoted by both Warren Buffett (known as the World’s Greatest Investor) and his equally famous mentor, Benjamin Graham, who once said:


But, neither Benjamin Graham – nor Warren Buffett – actually became rich using this method of investing!

The simple reason is that this method is low growth (KLE68) and best used simply as a temporary strategy to hold your savings; you have already learned how to use this method as an alternative to merely leaving your cash in The Bank (KLE43).

You see, Benjamin Graham simply suggested that analysts and untrained investors should invest via Index Funds

… then dedicated his life to teaching others (and, practising what he preached) how to select common stocks that will give better than average results.

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By all means, realize that you don’t have the skills and stick to Index Funds … because, if you DO want to invest in stocks, these experts are telling you that you MUST first acquire the skills.

The book that I have shared with you here – the same book that taught me how to invest in stocks (and, the only method that I now use) – will provide you with the education; the next KLE will provide you with the tools; paper-trading – then real-life trading with small amounts to begin with – will provide the experience …

Then, it’s up to you!

Task 1: Purchase the book. Study the book. Stop here until complete!

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