KLE 114: Your Elevator Pitch

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If you’re buying or starting a business, the first thing you absolutely MUST be able to do is put your ‘reason for being’ into a sentence or two.

It’s commonly called an ‘elevator pitch’ because you should be able to use it to tell a stranger what you do in between getting on and getting off an elevator!

But, it’s use is far more important than that … it’s to help you make sure that you really¬†have¬†something unique. If you don’t have anything unique in your offering, you will be struggling to sell it to your customers let alone to the people who will one day (you hope) want to buy your business!

For that reason, some call it your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), but whatever you call it, this tool will make it dead simple to come up with yours:

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Remember: you are trying to come up with something unique!

This tool will take you 90% of the way there, the other 10% is iteration until somebody that you trust, but who knows nothing about your business concept, says “wow”.

Task 1: If you have a business – or can just imagine one for now (for the practice) – complete the Automatic Promotions Generator. Cut/paste your answer below …

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What is your first name and what state are you from? (eg John, AUS)
What is your e-mail address?
What is your 'business status' (starting one now, buying one, own one, planning one in next 6 months, etc.). Be as specific as you can.
What is your Unique selling Proposition?

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