KLE 121: Making Money 301 – How To Protect Your Wealth

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We have described making money as a journey, one that is best broken up into three stages, two of which we have already covered (making sure that your financial house in order and accelerating your income).

This Module – the final stage – is all about ‘protecting your wealth’ – like insuring or bullet-proofing your financial life.

And, it should make sense; all along the way, you’ve insured yourself:

– You insured your own life (and, your spouse’s); you’ve insured your income; and, you’ve insured your house, your car and your possessions (KLE49)

– You’ve also taken out the two most important forms of insurance by protecting your investments and preserving your retirement accounts (KLE50)

You will continue to do all of these things until it makes sense not to … but, from now on, even these forms of insurance will not be enough.


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That’s what this final – and, perhaps most important – Module is all about!


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