KLE 125: Transitioning!

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You’re hard at work, trying to to reach Your Number, and you’ve cranked up your Perpetual Money Machine to make sure that you get there …

… now, there’s not much to do except work the plan.

So, let’s fast-forward a few years and think about what happens when you finally reach Your Number.

If you recall, you calculated your Number simply by:

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So, which is right?

Task 1: Research ‘Safe Withdrawal Rate’ percentages. Tell me what % you feel is safe? Why?

Task 2: Think about how you would like to manage your money in retirement. What strategy would you follow (e.g. would you be like Paul Grangaard and keep you money in bonds and stocks, or would you be like my Granny and keep it in cash under your mattress)?


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What is your first name and what state are you from? (eg John, AUS)
What is your e-mail address?
What is your favored Safe Withdrawal %? Why?
How would you like to manage your money in retirement?

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