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The Revision of The Number…

The Revision of The Number… Scott has found the intersection between his Life’s Purpose and the Real World: it’s called his Number and he has just realized that his dream needs to be modified slightly to avoid it becoming a nightmare … Well folks, i’ve gone over it and over it time and again and […]

The Elusive Number

The Elusive Number Photo credit: THEfunkyman Mark illustrates, in a practical way, the dilemma faced when considering one’s future from the perspective a young, single person who only needs a bag, a small stipend and some travel vouchers to be truly happy v. the family guy who needs the Gucci luggage and all the trimmings […]

Ryan's Number

Ryan’s Number For those of you still struggling with the ‘mechanical’ aspects of this exercise – which (to paraphrase Ryan’s literally right-on-the-money comments) will be one of the most valuable things that you will ever do – I recommend modeling Ryan’s spreadsheet below. As to his analogy about cars, all I have to say about […]

What's Going On

What’s Going On Diane told us all about her revised Number in this comment to my recent post: I worked my number up again last night. If I am getting this part of the exercise, it is to make us take a hard look at our “wanta” haves and look at see what we will […]

What a Curve

I’m so glad that Lee joined our ‘grand experiment’; here is what he says on his own blog on the subject of planning: If planning is the way to success, it’s no wonder I’m always a day late and a dollar short. … Now, you just gotta love a guy who can write like that! […]

In Summary…

In Summary… Note: You need to be a Premium Member to view this content:

Accounting for Inflation

Accounting for Inflation I just want to go over the way that we account for inflation when it comes to calculating our Number … Note: You need to be a Premium Member to view this content:

Reviewing Your Number …

Reviewing Your Number … We’ve calculated our Number before, but this is the first time that we are ‘open-booking’ this exercise with our 7 Millionaires … In Training! so if you are still working on your Number – or reviewing it – here’s how to go about it: Note: You need to be a Premium […]

To scale or not to scale?

Hopefully, by now you have an idea of what you are aiming for – as evolved through Your Life’s Purpose, Your Rear Deck Speech, and your Lee’s List – and are beginning to get a handle on your Number and maybe even your Date. But, Debbie asks an important question: Note: You need to be […]

Reworking Your Number …

Reworking Your Number …We are rocketing to the last stage of reworking our Number (and Date) … … this is the last time that we will be doing this exercise on this site … the next step is start talking about how we’re going to get there … wherever ‘there’ may be for you! Note: […]