Featured Finalist – Scott

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Featured Finalist – Scott

I mentioned before that I first ‘met’ Scott via Networth IQ … he believes in visualization for an abundant life …

Me? I have got no idea of the machinations of the Universe … I guess Scott will be able to show me one way or the other 😉

Anyhow, Scott impressed me as somebody committed to following their dreams … in this post he asks: “What’s So Attractive About Becoming Wealthy In The First Place?”

Let’s find out what Scott has to say …

I’m sure anyone who reads this would be saying the proverbial “DUH, SCOTT” right about now 😉    But really, isn’t this the ultimate question, the one that should be asked and answered by only ourselves in the first place? 

Adrian has strongly pointed out, the “WHY” has to big BIG enough, and he says REALLY BIG in order for you your brain to supply you with a seemingly steady and endless amounts of “HOWS,” that force you into “ACTION,” that of course leads you to the money. But it’s worth discussing in my first blog post (yes, if you haven’t figured out right off the bat, I’m extra virgin at blogging, internet networking and reaching the new open frontiers of the wild, wild web. Those are skills I’m hoping to soak up from Adrian and anyone else involved in this project!)

I hope to get as much knowledge and skill from Adrian and everyone involved so that I can accomplish my master plan and reach my life’s goals as quickly as possible. My “Number” if you will is 10 Million. This number has doubled from my original goal of 5 million, while learning from Adrian about its true value after taking the appropriate annual percentage as well as keeping inflation from pecking at your heels.

I was attracted to this project because, well who wouldn’t be?

Think about it, someone who went from 30k in debt to amassing great wealth in such a short period, and now he wants to do something interesting that you don’t see every day…hold on, here it comes…SHARE HOW YOU CAN DO IT TO, JUST AS HE DID!

The give back out of abundance as you receive in abundance philosophy and maybe that’s what attracted me to it the most. Not just the money, because I have always felt deep in my heart I would become wealthy (to some degree, some day) but it’s my true motivation for becoming wealthy, to be able to give in abundance without worry or greed in ADDITION to having the material life that makes me get excited about accomplishing my goals of building great wealth.

This is what drives me most. It is this ingredient that has made me “stick with it” so long and work through any obstacles that Adrian sees fit for my own financial “fitness.”

Concerning my financial fitness using the internet, I am new and weak for that purpose and I will be honest, I hadn’t really come up with any ingenious ways to drive traffic to my personal site. That skill I hope to acquire with this project.  As a doctor running a private practice, it has been so ingrained in me to get out and meet people that it is the single greatest skill I have for my practice success. I have always learned the “meet, greet and treat” philosophy. The more I “meet” the more I “greet” the more I treat. I’m just new to doing it on the web unfortunately, but I’m growing! 😉

Well as for now, I’m ready to saddle up and start moving forward, what about you?


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Reader Comments

A motivating first post Scott. I know I could use some of your “meet, greet, and treat” skills. Looking forward to hearing how you do it.

Great post! I love that you are motivated because you hope to give with abandon. I can’t wait to be in that position either!

Thanks Josh and Deanna,

Hopefully we will be working together to make all our goals a reality!

I was reintroduced to the concept of visualization for goal achievement earlier this year by Dax Moy, a personal trainer from the UK. I’ve used positive visualizations before very successfully when competing in sports, but had never extended it to the rest of my life. I’m amazed by how many large and small life-changing goals I’ve completed in such a short amount of time. I completely buy into this method of determining what you want, why you want it, how badly you want it and focusing on it to make yourself aware of the related opportunities around you. It will be interesting to see how far we can take it on this journey!