Featured Finalist – Heidi

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Featured Finalist – Heidi

Hope Heidi’s New Joisy trip went well!

Heidi also happens to have thumped all-bar-one of the field in the traffic-generation department … didn’t you, ‘Heidiroo’ 🙂 And, she did it a number of ways including being very active on the Personal Finance Forums.

Here’s Heidi’s post …

It’s been a long week — flying to New Jersey and doing a whole lot of sitting around waiting on a medical procedure.  Absolutely exhausting.  So now, I’ll take this time to tell you a little bit about myself and my goals for 7m7y. . .
For the last year or so, I’ve been a personal finance junkie, if you will.  I’ve visited all the websites, bought the books, read the blogs.  In the personal finance world, you name it, I had some sort of passing interest in it at one point.  Luckily for me, I was smart enough to bypass the get rich quick schemes and get the basics of getting ones personal finances in order down first.  And that brings me to now.  While reading one of my favorite personal finance blogs, JD Roth’s Get Rich Slowly, I happened upon a comment left by our very own AJC, talking about his “promotion” that he was running on his website.  Curious, I browsed on over; Captivated, I stayed a while.
Pretty soon, I had made up my mind to enter my application into his 7m7y “sweepstakes” if you will.  Now I know this is sounding a bit like one of those get rich quick schemes I avoided early on, but it’s not.  There was a major, notable difference — Adrian backed it up.  There were no pyramid schemes, no mass level marketing, no stuffing envelopes, but advice, and advice the “big dogs” are afraid of giving.  Why?  Because for most people, it just won’t work.  Most personal finance bloggers need to appeal to the common masses — and making 7 million in 7 years is hardly a common thing.
So, I was featured on AJC’s site, and began my quest to drive traffic — First thing, I went to all the forums I frequent and added it as my signature.  This included www.creditboards.com, www.getrichslowly.org/forums, and some forums that were not personal finance related — www.surromomsonline.com and www.donationcoder.com; the latter being my dear and wonderful husbands internet stomping grounds for web developers.  I avoided out right spamming, as I didn’t believe it would draw “true” readership, but only annoy folks.  Really, who likes to be spammed?  I also stumbled the 7m7y website on www.stumbleupon.com and mentioned the site in a few personal finance groups on stumbleupon.
I also made a couple of posts in these forums in regards to the 7m7y Project and participated in some that I found:
I even consulted with the great JD Roth of “Get Rich Slowly” on the legitimacy of the 7m7y project.  A fact most wouldn’t admit, but I think it would show AJC that I’m not someone that will not just jump into anything without a little research 😉  And JD backed him up — he’s actually interested in AJC’s methods, too!

[AJC: JD and I actually have swapped quite a few e-mails since then … a great guy, thanks for the ‘intro’ Heidi]
I’m learning how to participate in networthiq.com, however don’t have a terribly lot to say, as I am here to learn myself about increasing one’s networth.  Here is the link to my own:
And with that, I would like to say I am grateful to AJC for having allowed me to particpate thus far, and look forward to the future and hope that I am one of the 7 millionaires . . . In training!  I’m in it to win it!
Now, back to the couch, to wait, wait, wait . . .

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Nice to “meet” you Heidi! I’ve also been a personal finance junkie over the past few years – longtime reader/lurker to JD’s blog, as well as AJC’s blog How to Make 7 Million and many many many more 🙂 I love that you sought out JD’s advice before jumping in on the 7m challenge! 🙂

Thanks Deanna! I was expecting to be met with resistance from all I talked to, but I wasn’t! Well, but then again, I haven’t told my mom yet 🙂