Featured Finalist – Josh

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Featured Finalist – Josh

Josh – or, should I say JOsh as he likes to stylize his name – is the consummate marketer. He will be a success no matter what he does … maybe we can just shorten the cycle slightly for him?

Imagine my surprise when I opened up my Google gmail in-box to see an advertisement for very own ‘grand experiment’ paid for by Josh. Clever marketing because he probably spent peanuts by targeting it to the very specific 7million7years and/or 7 Millionaires … In Training! keywords …

… the 21st century equivalent to sneaking into the CEO’s private restroom and leaving your resume plastered to the back of the door!

Here’s Josh’s post …

Twenty-nine people, other then myself, are in the running for the 7million7years experiment. Being a student of science, I’m no stranger to experiments and look forward to being part of this one. While reading AJC’s blog, I thought it may eventually lead to an experiment like this, but I thought the opportunity would be extended to people he knew personally and not just regular readers.  Needless to say I took advantage. 

In January when I stumbled upon 7million7years.com, I quickly realized this was no ordinary blog with all the ordinary advice I was accustomed to reading. Somehow I knew other ingredients were needed to become wealthy other then, “cut as much spending as possible, and save as much as possible” theory.

AJC’s unconventional posts and apparent first hand experience was refreshing, motivating and seemed like the missing ingredients imperative to grow wealth. Naturally, he soon earned my trust and loyalty as a reader. Once he announced the 7million7years experiment, I knew right away this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, even though it required a long term commitment as well as obstacles, if AJC was prepared to pledge 7 years, so was I.

It is apparent that the final results of this experiment will reflect the level of perseverance and participation of the 7 millionaires in training. For this reason I look forward to taking full advantage of AJC’s wisdom and knowledge in the area of wealth building and to deploy whatever tips and strategies I can glean from him. Other then a first hand knowledge of business, I hope to develop the skills necessary to sell myself and my ideas while learning how to step out of my comfort zone.  With the experience and guidance offered through becoming one of the 7 millionaires in training, the time taken to reach my net worth goal will be hastened. 

I recognize this experiment will be challenging and competitive. With each assignment thus far, I have been challenged, stretched and motivated. During the assignment to generate site traffic, I knew I could draw traffic to my page by sending a mass e-mail to most of the contacts in my address book, but felt a bit embarrassed to do so.  I soon realized this is likely part of the purpose of this exercise. Conquering my fear and sending an e-mail to people I didn’t really want to talk to, expanded my comfort zone and gave me new courage.

I also familiarized myself with Google’s Adwords, something I needed to accomplish anyway and had just been putting off. Much like Daniel in the Karate Kid (a subject of discussion in a recent 7million7years post), uncomfortable tasks that may seem unnecessary now, soon turn out to be indispensible skills.

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Places I directed traffic from:
http://www.krazology.com (link is in the upper right hand corner)
Placed link on AIM profile Sunshyne1435

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JOsh, I admire your marketing prowess! I have a feeling I will learn a lot from you!

Thanks Deanna,