Featured Finalist – Diane

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Featured Finalist – Diane

From memory, Diane was the first applicant to be featured on this site … boy does she have a support network … just go check the comments!

Here’s Diane’s latest post …

Why in the world would any sane person agree to do what AJ has asked us to do – particularly where we agree to do what he says (at some point)?
Sure, we can all bail at that point (he thinks I’m going to do WHAT?!??) but the point is that none of us so far HAVE bailed. 
SO here is where you really get to learn more about me and why I am in such dire straits (or in need of a straight-jacket) that I would actually turn to a virtual stranger who has the audacity to think he could possibly not only help me out of my current situation, but could eventually – thru continual guidance of some sort that he has devised – “flip this house” of Diane from mucho-debt to a person-of-means (and whatever that means).
Sure, I’m a champion of the underdog, but I also love making things happen, particularly after coming up with the idea for how to make it happen.  Having read AJ’s blog for awhile, I’d been attracted to his way of thinking outside the box and at his having made it using his own way of thinking.  That sounded a lot like my method of achieving whatever successes I had had in the past. 
I’m not real good at following where others have gone before, but I’m willing to admit that I have a lot to learn in this area and willing to follow someone who’s willing to help me with some of the ropes. Plus, the tasks AJ’s given us have been kinda fun, being experimental and helping me learn about myself at the same time that I’m learning about him – the little dance you go through with any new relationship
If you check out my profile on NetWorth IQ (https://www.networthiq.com/people/Diane),
you can see what I’ve managed to achieve by myself, but that doesn’t’ tell you the whole story (like how I got here).  For that, you’ll want to click on the Journal entries (the first one is called “Starting Over”:  https://www.networthiq.com/people/Diane/journal/starting-over)
(Big surprise, btw!  I actually had a positive NetWorth that wasn’t related to my sunny disposition (hah!) yet given that it is related to my retirement account and I’m approaching retirement faster every day, that’s not really as heartening as it seemed on the surface.  But it was good to know that it wasn’t as bad as all this debt feels.) 
Having endeavored to get divorced amicably about 8-1/2 years ago and failing that, I began starting over by returning to school for my MBA at a top-20 Business School before returning to the workforce after a 10-year hiatus as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM).  Thus begins my journal entry that goes on to tell you of how that layered $30,000 of student loans onto my credit card debt (both being the majority of how I supported myself and tried to minimize the impact on my sons), moving from an apartment to a house (first one bought with only my own credit!), rescueing an old english sheepdog, and otherwise enjoying all the pleasures and financial pains both of those can bring.  Click and read on!  
Besides personal emails to friends and family, I told a couple of groups I belong to about it:
These are the posts I created that can be found publicly on NetWorthIQ – I also sent a private message to one individual:

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Reader Comments

Diane, it is amazing to hear your story! I don’t know how I could have made it through the 4 years of my son’s life alone! You are a wonderful person! Good luck to you!

Thanks, Heidi! It was a good “4th of July/5th of July” present to come on the site today and hear that. Good luck to you as well – sounds like you’ve got quite a support network too!

Diane, thanks for the comments on NetworthIQ. Your thoughts on property flipping were very informative.