Featured Finalist – Debbie

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Featured Finalist – Debbie

Let’s embarrass Debbie by making sure that everybody checks out her video (you’ll have to read her post for the link) 😉 … just another one of the many novel ways that she found to drive traffic to her page. Debbie was also in the Top 5 of traffic producers.

Since Debbie is a writer, let’s let her words speak for themselves …

As an online freelance writer, my research and “internet” travels take me to a wide variety of websites and blogs.  One of my clients actually discovered the 7m7y.com blog and told me I should apply.  After reading through the project description and the “Golden Rules”, I thought it sounded extremely interesting and decided to give it a try.  I didn’t actually expect to hear anything once I submitted my application, but was pleasantly surprised when AJC featured my application on his site (http://7m7y.com/2008/05/18/meet-debbie/). 

I enjoy trying new things, and learning new things.  I used to work for employers, but soon realized that I had ideas and thoughts about how to do things that just didn’t fit in very well with the corporate world.  In other words, I didn’t like to be told what to do, or have to perform things a certain way.  I would absolutely hate it when I would have an excellent idea to improve a process or make something more efficient at the office, only to be told we couldn’t try my idea simply because “we have always done it this way, so that’s the way we’re going to do it.”  After working for myself for the last 5 years, I know without a doubt I can never, ever go back to working for someone else.  I am a born entreprenuer. 

My personal goals for myself include getting out of debt and generating enough continuous cashflow that my family and I are able to purchase the things we want and need with cash (rather than with loans or credit cards of any kind), and that my husband and I can both be working in positions only because we WANT to (I love to write and will write even when I’ve reached my financial goals, but my husband is currently working in a job only because it pays a weekly salary and provides great health insurance).  We will only work when we want to, since my financial goals also include generating passive income through my mentoring program for freelance writers (http://www.makemoneyfromwriting.com) and through other various businesses I plan to be involved in over the next few years.   

The 7 Millionaires… in Training program seemed (and still seems to be) one of the few real deals out there.  I can recognize a scam a mile away after being in the internet business world for five years, and this just doesn’t have the typical odor an online scam gives off! 

I’ve stuck with the process this long because honestly it hasn’t been long at all – and because I’m not afraid of hard work when I know the effort is going to be rewarded in some way.  In this case, of course I’m hoping for the “millionaire” pay out at the end of the journey, but I will also be just as satisfied with a positive experience where I learn a lot.  For me, knowledge is worth more than money in many ways, because the things you learn can be used over and over again throughout your life, and you can always add to it. 

In the beginning of this experiment, I was asked to direct traffic to my featured page (http://7m7y.com/2008/05/18/meet-debbie/).  I did that through a variety of ways, including: 

Links to Networth stuff: (username debtfreedom) 



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Awesome job, Debbie!! Take it to the top!!