Featured Finalist – Mark

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Featured Finalist – Mark

Since ‘signing up’ Mark’s been very active – including winning a book on my very first Live Chat show ( http://ajcfeed.com ) in what had to be the quickest / easiest competition ever!

Givem that Mark aspires to business, the book alone will ensure his journey ends in success … but, given the speed that he started generating traffic to his page when it finally appeared, he may be around this ‘experiment’ for a long time to come.

We shall see … in the meantime, here’s Mark’s post …

 I felt that I’ve been sitting on the sidelines for too long. Far too long to take massive action and being too comfortable. I must admit, I do earn a decent living and have been too comfortable with life. I once attended a real estate seminar and it is true what the instructor said, “If you are too comfortable, you will not take up the challenge to go further”. I want to get out of my comfort zone and be part of something that is a great challenge to me.

I’ve faced multiple challenges before, going to work for an airline instead of going to college after high school. I’ve an aunt to thank for getting me out and putting me in college. It was a great turning point in my life… But then, the financial crisis hits Asia (1997) and there is no financial support for college. We all know that the cost of education in the United States is high. It looks a lot higher when you are from a developing country like me.

Being from Malaysia where the per capita income at that time is around $3,500, a year’s tuition and board may be a teacher’s 5 year salary back home. Don’t forget out of state tuition fees! I’m fortunate enough to secure scholarship loans and the support of my mother. I did return the favor by supporting two brothers through college at the same time; they are twins. That is actually my best financial decision! … to be able to impact someone’s life positively. I do believe that education is a great gift.

I’ve a burning desire to setup a good education trust for my family’s future generation and also perform charity work in the area of education in developing countries. In my current capacity, I don’t foresee that I’m able to realize this goal unless I take some massive action like enrolling in the 7 millionaires … In Training program!

The timing could not be better. Since I’m only eligible to start a business very recently, this is a great opportunity to start something!

America is truly a land of opportunities and its entrepreneurial spirit shows time and time again. Many great inventions came forth from this nation. I’m proud to say that it is here that I did get a chance to be part of a few patent applications through my current work. I definitely want to be part of this large enterprise! I believe the 7m7y project is a grand experiment where we can definitely see 7 great individuals being transformed by a mentor to succeed financially. I’m attracted to this project because I can see that the blog contains many valid points that sometimes challenge conventional wisdom. I truly believe that the author, Adrian genuinely wants to help build an “enlightened” community. A community that is financially savvy.

If selected to be in this project, I hope to learn a lot!

I love learning new things and I’m constantly seeking new knowledge to do things better be it in finance, health, relationships or overall well-being. I’m already benefiting from this project from the various tasks that Adrian requested us to do. I did win a fabulous book as well from the very first live chat, “The E-Myth Revisited”, by Michael Gerber. You really don’t know what you are missing until you read this book! I think the knowledge and experience that I could gain from this project is priceless, it will be something that will stick with me forever and hopefully influence a few others positively as well.

It’s time to come out and play!

Let’s have fun!

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Mark – you have exactly what you need to succeed! Being comfortable is how many of us “born” with this great opportunity actually never do (much, if that) more than the generation before us. It has always been those who had harder lives who had the drive to bootstrap it with determination, and still end up with a good soul. Have you settled on what business you are interested in, now that you are eligible?

I agree Diane. Being too comfortable can make us complacent. There are three areas that I’m investigating and trying out right now: real estate, stocks / options and internet business. There are quite general but I hope to find a focus on each of these areas soon.

@ Mark – You are certainly ‘focusing’ on The Big Three; if you make the Final 7, we’ll work on narrowing down the scope ever so slightly 🙂

They are definitely very broad. I’m researching tax liens for real estate and I do recall that you have vested interest in a tax lien company. Care to share in one of your posts? As for stocks / options, I’m leaning towards options trading for now. I’m taking courses and network with some traders. You definitely can make money in a up/down or sideways market.

@ Mark – just remember, for each option trade there has to be one winner and one loser. Who knows more … you, or the guy on the other end? Lesson: if you want to be serious about the BUSINESS of options, get the knowledge to BE the guy on the other end …

I understand your concerned and why your on the side lines. Many are these days and options have been a tough market this year. I would find stocks you like and be patient with them to hit your target prices.

@ Options – good advice, although options are ideal for volatile markets [ says AJC having just closed out a profitable position 😉 ]