Elimination #3 – Alex

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Elimination #3 – Alex

I’m sure that Alex, a hardworking, extremly bright … and sure to be absolutely successful … immigrant to the USA will be surprised to see this.

I’m actually surprised to be writing this: after all Alex is one of the ones that I would vote to succeed. And, Alex is the Number 1 traffic-generator by a wide margin …

… so, what gives?

Well, Alex directed the traffic in a very simple way: he simply put a ‘pop-under’ on his own well-read, well-liked, and well-regarded tech. blog. Simple!

But, that’s not why he’s being eliminated … in fact, I actually wanted to keep him on and make him one of my 7 Millionaires … In Training!

Except, my own Golden Rules preclude this: you see Alex and I have met, and I believe that the chances are that he and I will enter into some sort of business arrangement – in other words, I can see myself backing one of his ideas or he partnering with me on one of mine …

… and, that would break Golden Rule #2: NO money – or ‘in kind exchange’ – will change hands via this site.

I think that Alex will be better off working with me in private than he will via this forum. I hope you agree, Alex … and I hope that you will remain an active member of this Community!

Here’s Alex’ post ….

I’m thinking about why AJC is asking other candidates and me to start writing about who we are and what we really want to do.  I guess the million dollar journey starts from home, right at your inner self.  For a long time, I’ve been on the quest of finding myself.  I had sort of an identity crisis when I was in college.  Just the thought of why I am here in the place got me puzzled.  I really didn’t know.  Until this moment, I still do not know why I am on earth, but one thing for sure that I know of:  I am not meant to be stuck in the routinal way of life.  No jobs would pay me enough to sit and squeeze software code out of me day in, day out.  I hate everything mentioned the song “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds (http://ingeb.org/songs/littlebo.html).  Not that anything is wrong with the song, or with the normal life, it is simply that I just don’t want to be a part of the game.   

But to quit the game, I have to play and win it.  I have to know the rules and have enough skills and persistence.  I need to build up enough power in order to blast off.  Just like a rocket shooting into an orbit.  The blasting power needs to be strong enough to pull the rocket out of the gravitational force. 

I want to learn from AJC and his advices so that I can further accelerate my efforts.  I already have a plan (multiple ones, actually).  But probably some will take longer for me to get to where I want to go.  Maybe bouncing off ideas with people with the same mind will help me shape and decide which route I should go on next. 

Back to the question why AJC is requesting candidates and me to write short essays.  He wants to see that I have given thoughts about what I really want in life (yes, I want the amount of money, and what that money could bring to my life), and see how much I understand myself (this seems to be an ongoing quest) because self-understanding is *so* critical in the million dollar journey.  AJC, thanks – you’re really deep, and I do appreciate and enjoy the free food-for-thoughts.   

I post semi-regularly on my blog at http://www.alexle.net so check it out if you are into Web 2.0 stuff (don’t forget to check out my post about 7M7Y at http://alexle.net/archives/274).   


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Sorry to see you go, Alex, but sounds like we’ll still have you around 🙂