Featured Finalist – Eric

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Featured Finalist – Eric

Eric is a Family Man who wants to ‘make good’ for the sake of his – and, his family’s – future. As I point out in one of the exercises, you can’t separate the two: keep that in mind even if you are single right now!

Here’s Eric’s post …

Wow. Who would have thought that through StumbleUpon that I came across this website. I have struggled through years of paying off debt, getting ahead, and then messing it up by buying things I do not really need. I guess I must be just like the rest of America; charge it, no payments no interest for one full year. Now I am over $8000 in debt. How did I get here? Well it has happened quite slowly. You start with no payments, no interest and before you know it you have payments, you miss a payment, and then the wonderful company that allowed you to purchase your trinket says “sorry sir your payment was late, you will now pay 30% interest”. It happens so slowly that you do not know you are dying a slow death. I am sick and tired of the roller coaster that is my life of being a debtor. 

I came across http://7m7y.com quite by mistake. I am intrigued by this project for its simplicity. Write a couple of posts. Sign up for http://networthiq.com , give out some details of your life and let the chips fall where they may. Adrian J Cartwood makes no promises yet I am still here writing this now in the hopes of becoming richer than I currently am. I mean I am writing this now and have no clue if he will even pick me to learn his secrets for becoming wealthier than I am now. 

Who is Adrian J Cartwood? Millionaire? Brilliant marketer? Future seller of a best selling book? Who wouldn’t want to take a peek into the mind of a multi-millionaire? Well I for one want to see what this guy has to offer. I am pretty sure no one else like Donald Trump or Warren Buffet would be willing to write to me via email or chat rooms to discuss how they became wealthy slowly or how to invest. Yet Adrian is offering that little glimmer of hope that I could be one of his millionaires in training. Will this come true? Who knows. 

I have started this project quite blindly by following a few posts by an unknown person in the randomness of the internet to make $7 million or more dollars in 7 years. How crazy is this? I haven’t even got started on the journey, yet I am still following the emails and checking the websites he provides to find out who he is and what he is about. I have nothing to lose as I am in debt. He might be worth even more than he says. 

I have stuck out this experiment so long because I want to know what it takes to make a millionaire. Is it just that the rest of us are too lazy to work as hard as a millionaire? Are we satisfied with getting a paycheck from our employer and spending every dime? Do we like the relative safety of working for someone else even though they can let us go At-Will? How safe do you feel now knowing that you could wake up tomorrow, trot off to work and have your employer hand out pink slips. It happened here and it can happen anywhere. Remember any of the numerous employers of late that have laid off thousands? I want to know what the millionaires among us know. 

As part of the grand experiment I was told to drive traffic to this website. Some of the ways I have done this include the following: 

  1. Word of mouth through family and friends (not very effective by the way)
  2. WordPress ( not sure how this has panned out but I shall see)
  3. Mahalo.com
  4. StumbleUpon

What else could be done? With a video camera I could come up with a funny video and post it on You Tube for the rest of the world to see. Maybe I can charge it.  

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Good post Eric,
If you figure out how to do the You Tube video let me know. You do it and I’ll promote it, maybe there’s a couple of million just in that joint effort 🙂

@ Lee – I get 10% 😉