Featured Finalist – Luis

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Featured Finalist – Luis

Luis also has his own ‘grand experiment’ – except that I’m absolutely, positive that his will succeed 😛 and it has to do with the Mexican / US border and the various legal (and profitable) activities that can be began there.

I’ll leave the details to Luis; here’s his post

An avid fan of personal finance (PF) blogs. Most PF blogs preach saving or cost cutting your way to saving for your retirement. Though the coupon cutting advice, maybe sound advice, the rewards are minimal, especially when you take into account inflation.  But recently, I have wrapped my head around a new breed of PF advice which states that saving your way to richness is not the most efficient way. The new PF approach involves one thing ~ finding ways to make more money!!!   Personal finance blogger AJC’s www.7million7years.com Blog offers three clear rules for building wealth fast HERE, HERE, and HERE. AJC, who was 30k in debt and ultimately rose to become a multi-millionaire in the short span of 7 years
The Grand Experiment… 

AJC recently offered an opportunity seldom heard of within the PF industry. His way of giving back, known as the  7 Millionaires … In Training! ‘Grand Experiment’. The contest provides 7 lucky individuals the opportunity to gain a mentor, learn from someone who has made millions, and all his advice for free, no strings attached. This was an offer I had to pursue not only of the reasons of working with AJC but more importantly to quill my entrepreneurial bug and to pursue my long standing goal of creating a business along the USA\Mexico border region.

Our parents never saved for their retirement. They lived paycheck to paycheck giving us what we needed without any planning for their futures. Not knowing what type of retirement they would have to endure until they were actually retired, and then having only to adjust. One thing they have instilled in me is that this country owes you nothing. This has led us to make clear changes right now so that our retirement will be better. My promise to you, if chosen for the lucky 7.

Quitting is never an option.

Fast on my feet, I aim to get rich by taking clear concrete educated steps towards my goal of 3 million in 5 years. We participate with the intention to apply what we learn. Sideline participation just won’t do anymore, especially when we see several of our friends taking our parents approach to retirement. We’ve stayed the course and eliminated our debt (car and credit card debt). We’ve picked up our first rental property, and are considering our first land purchase. But because we aim to center our money making machine around the USA\Mexico border our goal has two twists: first to understand money through a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-national perspective and second to capitalize on existing partnerships like the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. 
In conclusion, goals are hard, but harder the person who must look at himself in the mirror and know they did not try. Striving to gain the type of knowledge that will release my internal need to succeed has brought me here. Applying to the contest was a no brainer. Free mentorship from a person who has been in our shoes. AJC’s intentions seem legitimate and if not then we will be the stronger for enduring. I know that this is my calling; this experiment only brings it to the forefront.


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Reader Comments

Hello luis, I hope you read this.

Maybe my business can help your business make more money. I am very good at getting low cost computer systems. I can get new and used ones. Because I am located in Arizona I can even bring them down to mexico for you. If you can find a way to sell them I know that I can get them for you and we both can make a good deal of money.

If you are willing to help out with international deals I am sure we can do a ton of business.

Jason Dragon

Hi Luis!

Jason, I am not sure that Luis is IN Mexico.

Luis, I did a project for a company that handled used medical equipment and specifically they had me look at sales to customers in Mexico. In summary, I recommended they sell to doctors within the US borders (i.e., the sale occurs in the US) and letting the Mexican citizen(the doctor)/company (health center or hospital) own and carry the assets across the border, given the significant risks that would also be incurred in transporting goods across the country as well. If you think this research might be helpful to you, feel free to contact me.

@ Jason – This is great networking UNLESS you become one of the 7 Millionaires … in Training! Then you will need to adhere ‘religiously’ to the 7 Golden Rules [Ref: Rule # 2]: http://7m7y.com/about/

@ Di – … and, this is great networking that does NOT seem to break any of the Golden Rules. Thanks!

Let’s embrace NAFTA together! 🙂

@Jason – The Mexican market is prime for 3-5 year old computers and still fetch top dollar. Another common computer need down here is the multi monitor to one cpu setup similar to this:

On a lighter note: Do you know how to change Windows XP to Spanish? This alone fetches 20 bucks a pop.

@Di – You’re correct,I’m currently NOT in Mexico, but I have a home along the border region and travel the CA/Baja region frequently. (2-3 times a month)

Anything used: cars/trucks, medical, computers, or farm equipment you name it there’s a market for it down here and most still fetches top dollar. Why? Because stuff in the US is replaced so frequently that most things are not even at half life. The biggest issue is getting things down there. Mostly due to paper work, language barrier, cultural customs, tariffs, and other hazards. Except for the big corporations, most won’t venture down.

I have several experiences of my own on trips down to Jalisco. Long story short, with the proper Government seals you have no problems and YES I learned this the hard way.

Your research intrigues me. I will contact you through your blog.

@AJC – thanks for the platform. 🙂