What sort of buggy are you riding?

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What sort of buggy are you riding?

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The most sad thing about all of this was that 4 years ago I was worth over $400,000. But some bad moves, and 100k decline in the value of my house made that go away.

I’m fine with airing my financial laundry, but my age? oof.

All of our networth is either retirement, a tiny bit of equity in our houses and a couple of paid-for cars that are 8 years old. Sad….

@ Jason – Easy go, easy come? 🙂

@ Deanna – The price of ‘fame’ … just imagine what ‘laundry’ you’ll need to air if you make the Final 7MITs!

Given that the Date is (at least) as important as the Number, you starting Number (MWiQ) and starting Date (age) are important pieces of info to share. I’m 49 🙂

What if the train someone’s on was very expensive to purchase/develop and trick out with fancy mods/upgrades, but once it takes off on the track, it moves much farther and faster than the other trains? Should we still jump off it? 😉

@ AJC – you won’t be posting my weight now, will you?

@ Scott – The Destination matters most … if you can legally/ethically get there in time by Acme Helium Balloon Model X.082, I say “go for it!” 🙂

LoL, just joking 😉 I know how everyone likes to take a jab at doc’s and lawyers because of most typical high lifestyles and beginning negative networth with professional student loans. I’m just glad my wife and I have gone from approximately negative 220k networth to neg 25k networth in just over 2 years since I’ve been going at it hard in practice. Now we can put the knowledge and discipline we’ve gained while accomplishing that to work to quadruple those results in upward progress over the next 2 years.

It’s absolutely time to hop off that train. My NW will be in the positive on its own very soon.