Building the 7m7y Community …

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Building the 7m7y Community …

On Tuesday, I told you about the importance of building a Community – for our mutual benefit – around this site:

– The more contributors, the better the quality of the interactions and the more information we all get … and, the more we learn from each other!

– The more interaction on the site – and the more visitors – the more/better subject-matter-experts we will be able to attract: imagine if we can get Michael Gerber to guide us through an even deeper understanding of our Life’s Purpose?

So, as well as directing traffic to this site, do you think that it might be important to contribute to this site with questions/comments?

If that were the sole criteria (unfortunately, it is but one criteria) Diane would virtually OWN this site ūüôā … Igave myself the very exciting (not) task of scrolling through page-after-page of comments to see who left them … from inception (only this site, not; here’s who did what:

Finalist                   Comments

Lee                              16
Deanna                        14
Andrew                          1
Luis                               6
Diane                          32
Mark                             8
Josh                            11
Ryan                             3
Jason                          13
Shannan                     11
Debbie                         7
Scott                          12

As for directing traffic, the quality of comment counts as much as the quantity – if not more so …

… I’m happy to say that quality = quantity here!

Relatively few comments were of the “please direct your attention to my site” type. And, a lot were encouraging ‘the competition’ … which is exactly what we need to achieve if we are to build a real Community.


Let’s make a pact, that no matter what happens … in / out … this WILL continue?!


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Reader Comments

Wow I am surprised I had that many even, if you don’t count your other site. I do notice that many times I am the first to comment on a new blog.

I think that all the people I have interacted with here are great, and I wish them all the best in their hunt to make the big bucks and attain their true purpose.

I’m surprised too!

I agree with Jason, everyone here seems so great and so supportive. I also wish nothing but the best for each and every one of us!

@ Jason – As you were the first to comment on this one ūüôā

@ Deanna – Appropriately supportive (or even appropriately critical) comments are just one part – but, one important part – of building that support network, that I like to call a ‘Community’ … keep the contributions / questions / comments / criticisms / etc. coming!

Folks, I have not made any direct comments but believe you me I’m been watching, reading and listening to all and I learn something everytime.

I’m honored to be the “old guy” I just wish I had more wisdom to share. I guess if we ever get to the point of listing things “not to do” I’ll get my chance. I’ve got a boat load of mistakes I can share with you. my speciality is procrastination but I really don’t want to talk about that now. ūüôā

The “not to do’s” are helpful too! I’m guessing that we all have some to share, as none of us are near our goals yet. ūüôā Looking forward to continuing to contribute to the “think tank”!

I’m willing to help any way I can. Having more great people and great input moves us all along faster toward our goals!

These are quite interest statistics…Since starting the 7mit’s process, one of the major things I’ve had to quickly develop is the web lingo. before this process I was not one to share a comment – ever but since then I’ve forced myself expand on topics…Hopefully, the quality does win over quantity…

@ Geoluis – A strong Community requires both … quality a quantity …. but, your involvement (as that of all the others) has been appreciated by us all.