"Crevices and Foot Holds"

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“Crevices and Foot Holds”

It’s only fitting – since Lee invented the “Lee’s List” (as it is affectionately known here) – that Lee gives us the first sneak peak at his updated list

If I understand mountain climbing, and I do not, part of the event involves finding the crevices and foot holds. These are the things that give us opportunity to move upward and onward.

In trying to place some $$ value to things on my “Lee’s List” it has come to my attention that in so doing it will increase the size of my mountain.  I’m not sure I agree with that or to say the least I don’t understand.  In my estimation placing $$ value to the list is nothing more that redefining when we go on this mountain adventure.  While it “could” increase the size of the mountain, most likely it will just show me where the crevices and footholds are and force me to decide if I really want to keep going in this same direction.

My biggest problem is that a lot of the things on my “List” are ongoing activities and will call for involvement from others.  People who will purchase and use the class materials, the Magazine.  Hopefully some of the cost will come back to me in profit. I’m not sure how to estimate that.  Then I have to factor in daily costs. Still another issue that makes this difficult is that I haven’t done any real homework regarding the cost to do and/or produce what I have listed. I’ve done a lot of dreaming.

Anyway here is my “very feeble attempt” at coming up with some figures for the MINIMUM’s on my “List”

(A).  $ 350,000 …….  Design, write and publish course materials.

(B).  $ 500,000 …….  Travel to states & Countries 6 times a year.

(C).  $ 300,000 …….  Help Establish chaplains programs & donate.

(D).  $180,000 …….  Two vehicles & expenses (domestic type)

(E).  $ 400,000 ……. Create & Publish Magazine (God & Stress management)

(F).  $ 550,000 ……. Two yearly Personal “Family” vacations (stress relievers)

That comes to a total of $2,280,000 which I will definitely come back with a better figure for I realize I need to do some more research.  To me the figures seem outrageous but then again I’ve never tried thinking world wide.  My world has pretty small in the past.  I also understand that these are figures to just get me started.  Continued income, passive and/or active will play a major role.

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Reader Comments

@ Lee – Excellent start; this is a great ‘model’ for a Lee’s List that includes only the ‘special stuff’ that you think you will need to help you fulfil your Life’s Purpose. You will get a chance to improve the costings, soon (check out Josh’s and Diane’s upcoming posts for examples).

You will need to decide which ones of these items are:

1. Recurring (which means that you will eventually need to multiply the cost here by 20 – but we’ll come back to that

2. One Off – in which case you will simply need to multiply by the correct Inflation Adjustment Factor – we’ll come back to that, as well

3. Self-Replenishing – like my $1 Mill. ‘special fund’ for new ideas, this might be recurring but you expect some income to generated .. if enough to fully replenish the ‘fund’ then you only need to treat as “2. One Off” but if only partially regenerating then you may need to split into two components: “1. Recurring” and “2. One Off”. Makes any sense?

Whichever way you end up cutting/dicing it, now would be a good time to start preparing to recalc you Number/Date using this list as a ‘jumping off’ point.