How will I climb this mountain?

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Lee has charted his path to financial success; of all of the things that he mentions, it’s the magazine that I feel MAY (if Lee can broaden the scope – widen the reach) have the most potential to deliver his 45% – almost entrepreneurial – required annual compound growth rate. I say ‘almost entrepreneurial’ because the required growth could be achieved by the ‘right’ mixture of real-estate / stocks / and small businesses … but, having one successful ‘big bang’ business will sure help things along! But, I’ve been wrong more often than I’ve been right ūüėČ

While Lee’s thinking about all of the possibilities, he should at least begin by purchasing this book by Felix Dennis (the highly eccentric British founder of Maxim’s magazine); it’s a rollicking read – more importantly, it’s the business lessons of a guy who made 100’s of millions doing exactly what Lee wants to do: publishing.


How will I climb this mountain?

1). I fully intend to do it. I do not want to just “hope” but I am determined.

2). I am prepared to do it.¬† My “bags are packed” and I’m heading out.

3).  The process is simple.  I plan to write, teach, buy & sell.

I will be starting on-line businesses related to stress management; attempting to produce e-books, devotional guides and other related materials, greetings cards, art work and other e-store items.

Also since I am already involved in public speaking, I’ll market myself as a conference leader for both stress related issues for families and individuals as well as a consultant for chaplaincy¬†training. I believe I have some folks who will come along on this trip with me who have some expertise that I do not.¬† This will enable me to work “on my business” and not totally “In the business”.¬†The biggest project will be the development of a full magazine dedicated to the spiritual side of stress management directed at law enforcement¬†and fire fighter families.

There will also have to be some on-line writing for someone else to begin with and I am also looking at some local newspaper writing. There are some other art related interest that I am experimenting with but I’m sure that the term “Starving Artists” will take on real meaning for me.

My greatest problem may be having the start up funds, but I am working on finding some investors who will be willing to take the chance with me.

The buy and sell will have to do with Real Estate. I have no understanding of this but for me the time is right to try it.

So there you have it. I’m a bit of a slow starter so all I ask is that my fellow climbers from time to time look over their shoulders to make sure I’m still there.¬† Just look for the old guy with the big smile ūüôā

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Reader Comments

Sounds like a great plan Lee and you seem like you are putting it all together well. I am looking forward to watching your growth!

Lee, I think the biggest challenge you have is not the creation of your “stuff”, we already know you can write and you know your topic well. I think, and this is probably true for most of us, the challenge lies in the marketing… the promotion of what we’re doing in just the right way that we reach the right customers at the right time, with something they need.

Good ideas, Lee. I like the way your details are coming together. You might also include the dispatchers in your target audience as that can open up related publications like 911. I think starting out by submitting articles on stress to some of the core professional rags (e.g., Firehouse) would also help in generating interest (you could mention your blog (assumes you have one online that corresponds to the future publication)) as well as build up your credentials by getting your name and face out in front of the convention-goers before you go (unless you already have face recognition at the national level). I’m excited for you; this sounds so great!